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Fast Forward

High-end carbon fibre wheels designed and hand built in Holland. Engineered to provide you with the best balance between durability, stability, sturdiness, weight and flexibility. As a result, Fast Forward created aerodynamic and reliable wheels for a faster and smoother ride. Get confident. Go fast.


Speed, trust, comfort and reliability, it all starts with the best rubber. If you are an amateur cycling enthusiast or a (semi-) professional rider, Continental is the best solution for all styles of riding. With a wide range of different kinds of tyres, Continental has been the first choice of many cyclists since 1871.


Spiuk Sportline focusses on advanced cycling shoes, helmets, eyewear and clothing. Developing products by using the best materials and technologies, this results in refined and innovative top of the range cycling products. Spiuk Sportline has the best hardware and clothing that fits all your needs.


Since mid-1990s, Thomson has been a manufacturer of patented and innovative cycling parts. Thomson’s very unique CNC machined components truly are a piece of art. The components are constructed and designed with a dedication to innovation and excellence to create the best riding experience possible.


Lezyne offers a wide range of rock solid and beautifully designed bicycle accessories since 2007. Designed and engineered to meet the standards of high-end bicycle components, such as LED lights, floor pumps, multi tools, shop tools, GPS computers and many more.

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